Service Covers

  • Site walks and acquisition support
  • Single Site Drives / Site Shakedowns
  • Benchmark for 5G NR/LTE
  • Drive Testing Management and Automation
  • Drive Testing at Site, Cluster, Market, Region and National Levels
  • Performance & Coverage Benchmarking
  • CW Studies and Testing (see more below)
  • Network Pre-Launch Acceptance Drives
  • TDOA/911 Compliance Drives
  • Feature Activations / Re-homing Activities
  • Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints
  • Post-processing and Drive Data Analysis
  • Drive Data Archiving
  • Testing Due to Parameter Changes
  • KPI Pass/Fail Criteria
  • Coverage or Throughput Concerns
  • Node Functionality Issues
  • Excessive Events
  • Coverage Deltas within the Venue
  • DAS versus Macro Coverage Analysis
  • Call Statistics Overview
  • PCI/SC Verification per Zone

Our post processing engineers work closely with field testing teams to verify the accuracy of the data being collected. We include the offer for real time back office support to the data collection teams to guarantee data integrity to ensure full coverage testing, and minimize the need for retests.

Service Detail

  • Includes Network Performance and Customer Experience

  • Network Asset Audit

  • Network Performance Benchmarking

  • Customer Usage and Experience Benchmarking