Our DataCom Edge team is familiar with the world of IT, Ethernet and network infrastructure as digital connectivity becomes an ever-growing requirement for carriers, cloud service providers, commercial building owners and their tenants, school districts, universities, hospitals, towns, cities, and a variety of public spaces.  It is becoming increasingly evident that the services all these users are demanding require connectivity to high-speed broadband infrastructure.

Datacom Edge has worked over many years collaboratively with all of these stakeholders to deliver professional quality assessments on their Outside Plant (OSP) and in-building infrastructure needs.

For example, when AT&T purchased the 6,000-mile 16-state NextGen Velocity long-haul fiber network out of bankruptcy, we performed all the site surveys for their ILAs, repeater huts and reviews of fiber routes; optical DWDM equipment and splice points resulting in the delivery of a new production network plan focused on supporting  advance research networks serving the nationwide higher-ed university community.

Our experience extends to carrier last-mile, middle-mile and backhaul OSP with a focus on fiber-based infrastructures for new and overbuilds of rural, municipal, and on-campus networks serving anchor institutions and commercial real estate developments.  Once in a building we are experts at providing you with strategic guidance on the many aspects of fiber and broadband delivery, including CBRS, vertical risers and horizontal runs management and data center/edge networks deployed in hierarchical layers of i.e., Core, Aggregation, Access architectures or using the more recent modern Leaf-Spine architecture via Spine and Leaf layers.

Datacom Edge has worked with many major established wireless and fiber-based carriers (as well as startups) to deliver to them cost-effective solutions for their network expansion needs. We have the skills to address your network’s need to meet its ever-increasing demands for lower latency, reduced signal loss, increased capacity and edge-driven in-building wireline and wireless solutions that are becoming more important than ever considering that four out of five mobile connections are made indoors.

DataCom Edge’s skills and experience includes:

  • Knowledge in telecommunications rights of way, building access (including riser and roof top access and use), private easements, licenses and in leases and land purchase contracts for telecommunications equipment and cabling placements.
  • Knowledge in the entire site and land acquisition process, with the ability to interpret, review, direct and understand site surveys and engineered drawings and in fixing any issues regarding property owner rights and responsibilities.   Includes the drafting, review, and revision of complex right of way, franchise, permitting, real estate and building access contract provisions.
  • Unique abilities to develop and review all required network related documents and agreements necessary for the legal deployment of both wireless and wireline networks.  Have a deep and comprehensive understanding of all contractual relationships and responsibilities between the parties and ensure compliance.
  • Identify, evaluate, and make recommendations on new business opportunities, services and network expansions, to include the commercialization of existing and future network assets.
  • Recommend suitability of telecom sites, ROW, and buildings to use and connect to, including associated business decisions and contractual terms and conditions so that client networks and business objectives are met.  Provide clients a selection of quality sites (also known as “SCIPs” or Site Candidate Information Packages) and right of way options that can be chosen from.
  • Engage with building owners, utilities, municipalities, and varied governmental entities to ensure all access, site and ROW policy, procedures, rules, and regulations are understood and met and convey these to clients to ensure conformance.
  • Skilled at understanding complex business and network development plans and specifications with the ability to successfully negotiate contract terms and conditions to meet client objectives. Make recommendations and develop solutions to client’s complex wireline and wireless implementation challenges.
  • Subject to any NDA restrictions, compare competitor agreements, note variations, and negotiate on behalf of clients, for equitable treatment in all agreements.
  • Knowledgeable in Federal, State, and local Telecommunication Regulations governing use of public right of way and other regulations regarding a telecommunications provider’s use of public rights of way.
  • Familiarity with building owner network access construction requirements and utility construction permit application processes at the city/county level, including telecom OSP construction terminology and techniques, facility locates, pole attachments/make-ready and engineering plans.

DataCom Edge provides its clients with options that are easy to deploy and scale to connect to as many locations, established demarcation points, end-users and buildings as needed and we do this using proven inexpensive fiber-optic cable deployment models.  Beyond solutions that use multimode or single-mode fiber, we also utilize the newest optical fiber ribbon technology that is partially bonded to each other at intermittent points and combines mass fusion splicing speeds with the density of loose tubes giving you the best of all technologies such as organizing glass fibers to get bundling and organization of a ribbon with the flexibility and density of individual fibers.  And, we have broad experience with many different types of topologies and infrastructure environments and reference ANSI/TIA-568.3-D Cabling Standard as a commercial building guide for in building deployments.